[inbetween] singing sweet home alabama all summer long

okay. i never thought the day would come that i’d say this, but kid rock really got it right. that song truly gets to the epitome of all that is a genuine summertime in northern michigan.  i mean, for the most part, not literally every word but you get the idea…

just as friends that have also had tonsillectomy’s told me, right at the 7-8 day mark, you will start to feel better, and then each passing day, you will feel significantly better- and they were right! i started feeling more human on wednesday and by thursday i was 100% off the pain meds and laying out on my lawn with my friends. by this point i am about 98% recovered except for some minor jaw aching which is just fine with me 🙂

i am currently in lake city, michigan (“up north”) at my cottage. today my parents and i drove up to harbor springs (even further up north) and i was able to spend the afternoon with one of my best friends from school. it was so good to see her! we bummed around and acted toursity for the afternoon. i also got a pair of shoes out of the deal so… all in all a great day!

i was walking around tonight (attempting to find any area where i get service on my phone) and i stopped for a second and looked up at the sky. the sky up here is completely different than the sky at my house down state. its as if God took a bottle of windex and sprayed it and wiped off a couple of layers of dust- the stars are so vivid and big, shining bright and leaving me speechless for just a moment.  i can’t wait until it warms up juuuust a little bit more and i can lay outside and just take it all in.

i remember last summer there was a meteor shower one night and luckily, it fell on a weekend night when i was up here. i layed out there until 3 am watching and just being. that’s what i love about summer. the ability to just be.

i’ve had a lot of thoughts lately and i can think of no better place to be to think them all out. i’m looking forward to this summer. more than summers past. i have a lot to be thankful for right now and for the first time in months, maybe even a year or two,  i am completely content with my life. happy. smiling just because.

and that’s something i could definitely get used to.


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