[inbetween] epic fail

so i haven’t been doing a good job at daily surgery recovery updates. my b. but i can sum it up quite simply- it sucks. since my previous post, i have been back into the hospital due to severe nausea and dehydration, which was bundles of fun. yesterday i actually felt a lot better and was able to eat a good amount of food, but today has been a bad day again.

my problem is that my body is super sensitive to the pain medication and it keeps making me sick… and the less i eat, the worse i feel, so once i start to feel nauseated, i don’t eat, and then i get weak and feel worse and then i can’t take any more meds on an empty stomach, but if i do anyways, i get sick again, and then the vicious cycle repeats.

it’s been a wild week and needless to say, i cannot wait for this whole process to be over with. today is either day 4 or day 5 (we can’t decide.. is the day of surgery considered day 1, or is the first day after surgery day 1?) and full recovery isn’t until about day 1o-12.. so i’ve still got quite a stretch ahead of me. i’m hoping that the worst is over with though.. hoping very hard..


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