[inbetween] the tonsil-less girl. as my bests refer to me.


surgery was this morning. i went in the OR around 11 i believe, a little later than scheduled.  everything went smoothly as far as i’m concerned. i had a little bit of trouble post-op, anasthesia wise, but they were able to give me some medicine that helped calm my stomach down and put me to sleep (as if i was having trouble doing that).

i got my first dose of pain medicine in the hospital through my IV, and got back home around 5- i walked right to my bed and passed out for another 2 hours there. i’m downstairs on the couch now and so far, i’m not really in much pain. i took my second dose of medicine a little before 7, and i’m planning on keeping an alarm set and taking it every 4 hours and not a minute late!!!! but really, the nurses did recommend doing that to keep in it control and not let it become agonizing.

pain level today is about a 4 (0-none; 10- extreme). i’m sore, but no throbbing or difficulty swallowing. i’m able to talk, but my voice sounds like kermit and is very quiet.

i basically am always sleeping, waking up every 2 hours for about 20 minutes before falling back asleep. i just finished a juice bar and have had some gatorade and am not drinking water.

welp, 20 minutes is up and it’s time for me to rest my sleeepy head once again. thanks everyone who has been praying, supporting, and helping me stay postive through this!! i have some amazing friends and family.


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