[inbetween] summer lovin, had me a blast.

today was a perfect first day of summer for me. i have zero complaints whatsoever! i got a manicure, layed out and got some sun, went to tulip time (google it if you don’t know. it’s a dutch thing), and got to hang out with all 5 of the little pieces of my heart.

along with that, i woke up by the big tongue of my favorite yellow lab kissing me all over my face. kind of sounds gross when you type it out like that, but it truly was a great way to wake up. i love that dog, and i’m glad i was able to see my very-pregnant sister and brother! they’re here for the weekend so i’m sure i’ll spend more time with them tomorrow than i did tonight.

i didn’t do anything overly exciting today, it was just a simple day with some amazing people- but that’s all i need to remind me how richly i have been blessed. i have some incredible people in my life and hope that i can appreciate and cherish all of our funny, goofy memories, like today.

i have a lot to do tomorrow- such as unpacking my disaster of a bedroom (everything that was once inside my 10×12 dorm room is now scattered on the floor of my bedroom. i literally have to crawl over my bed to get from one side of my room to the other, there is no where to walk on the floor), and attending an elmo birthday bash for my favorite 2-year old.

as for sunday, i’ll be back in holland with the relatives to celebrate mother’s day. i love you momma 🙂

i’m having my surgery tuesday. i’m mega nervous. i really have no reason to be, and i’m not usually one to get nervous, so the fact that i am makes me feel like it’s a bad omen of some sorts. i get really superstitious about those kind of things. which also freaks me out, because i shouldn’t believe in superstition. which makes me supersticious… a vicious cycle.

i’m a little sunburnt, and a lot tired. so goodnight.


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  1. hilaryasmith

    Ha ha…”my very pregnant sister-in-law and brother.” So Dan’s very pregnant too, eh? Here’s to hoping all goes well in surgery and you have a speedy recovery! Wish I could be home to bring you ice cream…

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