[inbetween] no sudden movements..

last night, i was laying in my bed, which is now bunked, talking on the phone- minding my own beeswax like a good little girl. enter carl from stage left. she comes waltzing in, laughing and mumbling things and decides to jump into my twin xl bed with me. that’s cool, i’m a snuggler, i’m fine with that. first, she spoons me. thanks carl, thanks. then, she pins me down head first into my pillow. thanks? then, she decides to roll over, put her feet up on the bottom of the top bunk and kick as hard as she can. this was all fun and games, laughing, tickling, giggling (yes, we are in college) until the inevitable happens: THE BUNK COLLAPSED ON TOP OF US.

i literally do not think i have words to explain how hilarious this was. keep in mind, this entire time, i was still on the phone. hahaha. poor person on the other line, hearing this happen. first we laughed, and then we screamed when we realized we were trapped in between two bunks. we screamed for help and everyone came in and just stood there in awe, laughing. we finally crawled out and it took four girls to get the bed back up and into position.

needless to say, i didn’t sleep very well last night. every time i moved, my bed would squeak and i would wake up in a panic, worried that my bunk was going to fall on top of me.

yes. this actually happened.

yes. this actually happened.

so this post is dedicated to carly, for almost killing me. probably one of the funniest things that has happened this year.

in other news, today is tuesday, which means i am 3 days away from 4 months of freedom. i’m currently at my internship until 2, and then i plan to study for my math final until midnight or 1am-ish. come noon tomorrow, my final will be over with and i will be done with math for the rest of my life. and for right now, i can’t think of anything that could make me a happier girl.


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