[inbetween] I’m trying a new thing..

it’s called positivity for a better tomorrow.  I’m really, really good and getting stuck in the past. Thinking about what was and why it was that way and in my mind, comparing everything of the present to how good it would have been at a certain point in history. I hate that!! I need to stop doing that and living in each moment as it comes.

I fear I’m missing out on my life because I’m too busy wallowing about things I’ve lost. I watched some Noomas this weekend and really gained a lot from it.

Rob really says it well when he says, “May you accept the past for what it is. May you celebrate what needs to be celebrated and grieve what needs to be grieved and then, ma you recieve from God a new spirit, one for here, now, today.”

That’s my goal for tomorrow. I want to accept a new spirit and allow myself to find joy in the little things. I want to see and feel each blessing and really live in the moment. I don’t want to feel sad about things being different, but rather I want to grasp the growth and change that has happened in my life in the past couple of months and see what a great thing it has been.

While I’m not the happiest girl, I have a good and great God, and right now that is more than enough for me.


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