[inbetween] bad things happen in 3s

and today was proof.

1)woke up with a bloody nose. yea, DISGUSTING, i know, and yea, horrible way to wake up. boo for that.

2)apparantly bought the same book twice. both non-refundable. great. so now i wasted money on one of them and have to spend even more to buy the book i still need. so great since i have so much money right now and all too. yayyy.

3)blew the fuse for my dorm room, and of course blew the side of the room that has all the essentials plugged in- tv, dvd player, microwave, refrigerator… all that good stuff.

on the flip side, 3 not so annoyingly obnoxious things about today were

1) enjoying drew’s company as always, and being able to loosen up and laugh a little in the midst of a somewhat busy day/part of my week

2) going for a “walk” with carl to the new sparty’s in holden and then walking over to visit ross, and have one of our great talks along the way. so great, and such an enorous blessing to have someone to vent to and share my frustrations with. thank you Jesus!!

3) laughing about childhood with 2 of my best friends and compiling a fun list of things that we remember. laughing with mike dendrinos about being kids and old pictures. talking with jonah for 10 minutes or so and laughing about karen pizarek and singing loudly and… high school musical? it was great to just have a good, hearty laugh!

today was busy, but at the same time, not. obama is president- gobama!

tomorrow will be mediocrely busy and then there’s a basketball game tomorrow night that i *shock* actually plan on attending (i have season tickets and have gone to 1.5 games. i know, i know..)

okay. bedtime like what. joshua radin is luring me in.

praise God from whom all blessings flow.


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